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Spas, Hot Tubs  and Swim Spas up to 60% off


This Friday - Sunday Only

Multiple Brands, Models and Colors on Display

Sale Ends Sunday!

April 6th, 7th and 8th!

SoCal Spa Show

The Biggest Hot Tub & Swim Spa Show

in Southern California!

at Coastal Spa & Patio Store

735 W. Orangethorpe Ave., Placentia, CA  92870 
Friday Apr.  6nd - Sunday Apr. 8th

Friday 10am - 7pm

Saturday 10am - 7pm

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Call for more information

(888) 402-5067

Meet Factory Reps & Save Thousands!


You'll always get the best price—we guarantee it. Find the same spa for less within 72 hours of purchase and we'll refund the difference, plus give you a $50 in extra water care products.


Zero and low interest long term financing available on approved credit.  Financing does not start until date of delivery.


Yes! Your old hot tub has value towards the purchase of a new spa!  All brands, all years, every condition.


Not only do we offer multiple models to select from, but we also offer multiple major brands, colors and options.  Come on down and see for yourself.


Our sales events are held on Friday, Saturday and Sundays only, and just a couple of times a year at various locations in and around Orange County. 


We bring together multiple dealerships and manufactures under one roof, only a couple of times a year, to bring you the lowest possible prices. 

It's a Battle of Brands at the SoCal Spa Show

SoCal Spa Show Hot Spring Spas
SoCal Spa Show Tidal Fit Swim Spas
SoCal Spa Show Freeflow Spas
SoCal Spa Show Caldera Spas
SoCal Spa Show Artesian Spas
SoCal Spa Show Catalina Spas

Hot Tubs

Now is the time to relax, renew, and reconnect with loved ones in your own backyard retreat. We provide top-of-the-line, quality hot tubs and spas. Our commitment to our customers’ complete satisfaction is guaranteed! 

Battle of the Brands

Because we have multiple dealerships, and multiple brands at our shows, they are battling it out to win your business.  The winner is always the customer!

Hot Tubs Starting at

Including backyard delivery and water care starter kit.  We will even haul away your old spa if necessary.

Free Backyard Delivery

We don't just provide curbside delivery, if clearance and access is available, we will bring it into your backyard and position it in the spot of your choice.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are ideal for families looking to get the most out of their spa experience.  Not only can you enjoy them like you would a traditional hot tub, but they are uniquely designed to swim and exercise in.   

Above Ground and

We sell models that are specifically designed to be placed partially in the ground.  We can even recommend local contractors that can help you with your project.

Swim Spas Starting at

You will not find any other swim spa at this low of a price anywhere!

Free Backyard Site Inspection

We offer free backyard site inspections to ensure that the swim spa you selected will fit in your backyard.

Got Questions?

For immediate help, call us at (888) 402-5067

or complete the form below and someone will get back with you soon

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Southern California Spa Show

SoCal Spa Show
SoCal Spa Show

SoCal Spa and Pool Show Map

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